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Point9:Certain plants from certain coutries cannot export to Japan.

Point9:Certain plants from certain coutries cannot export to Japan.

When bring plants such as fruit,vegitable and spice etc into Japan, it is legally required to submit Phytosanitary certificate issued by the government of exporting country and to take import inspection based on the Plant Protection Act. Here is the example for regulated list as next paragraph but the detail and latest informations are in official website of "Plant Protection Stations."

Legally types


・Most fruits and vegetables from countries and regions in which Mediterranean fruit flies and/or Oriental fruit flies are present.
・Fruits from countris and/or regions in which Codling moths are present.

Phytosanitary certificates must be submitted and Import inspections required.

・All plants with some exceptions as next paragraph.

Import inspections required but Phytosanitary certificates not required

・Dried plants of turmeric and the genera Eucommia;
・Dried seeds of almond, cashew, coconut, pepper, pistachio, Persian walnut and macadamia nut(except those for cultivation).

Import inspections and Phytosanitary certificates are not required

・Processed foods

How to research importing conditions.

You can access the database for importing conditions as following link.

Database for importing conditions

Many fruits from many countries are Import-prohibited.Item which is not banned in Japan are limited.