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Point5:There are rules in food addictives.

Point5:There are rules in food addictives.

You can use only Designated Additives in foods.And certain those of additives are regulated to use of quantity and to kind of use (= standard of use). The first you need to check that undesignated additives are not used. The second you need to check the designated additives meet standard of use.

Example for food addictives not permitted in Japan

Some food addictives are not permitted in Japan in spite of other many countories are permitted.
Here are some example of such food addictives.

Iodized salt

Iodized salt is permitted in many countries for compansating Iodine but not in Japan. Because Japanese take an adequate amount of Iodine from Japanese food , seaweed for example. The manufucturer who use Iodized salt for manufactring food must build another product line for Japan market.


TBHQ is effecitive anti-oxidant and used with many processed food in several countries, USA and Brazil for example .But this anti-oxidant is not permitted in Japan. So manufucturers need to use other anit-oxidants, Vitemin E for example.


Cyclamate is a low calorie sweetener that is 30 times sweeter than sucrose. Discovered in 1937, cyclamate is approved for use in foods and beverages in many countries, including Australia,Brazil and Europe. However, cyclamate is notcurrently permitted in Japan because of its suspection of cancer causing in 1969.

Azorubine(carmoisine,Food Red 3,Acid Red 14,E122)

Azorubine is a one of azo dye that appears red to maroon.In Europe, Azorubine is permitted for use in certain food and beverages ,such as cheeses, dried fruit, and some alcoholic beverages but not in Japan for any use.

Patent blue V(Food Blue 5, Sulphan Blue)

Patent Blue V comprises dark bluish synthetic dye that finds use as food coloring and food additive in Europe such as liqueur and jelly candies. However Patent blue V is not permitted in Japan for any use.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is often used in packeged meat to keep red color and fresh-looking in USA and China. However it is not permitted to use in Japan and EU.