If you want to export food products to Japan, the food product must comply with Food Sanitaton Law in Japan.
Then, you need to find buyer in Japan.

How to check the food product comply with Food Sanitaton Law in Japan.

First what you need to do?

The first, you prepare the ingredients list and manufacturing flow.
If you are not manufacturer, you need to get it from the manufacturer.

10 points that you need to know for exporting food to Japan

Point1:Food irradiation is not permitted in Japan with certain exeption.
Point2:Food sterilization conditions is provided in certain processed foods.
Point3:Preservation rules are provided in certain processed foods.
Point4:Active pharmaceutical ingredients are not permitted for use in foods.
Point5:There are rules in food addictives, e.g.)standard of use, banned food addictives in Japan.
Point6:There are individual hygiene standards in certain foods.
Point7:Meats need Health Certificate.
Point8:Certain plants from certain coutries cannot export to Japan.
Point9:Agricultural chemicals must not exceeded residue standard.
Point10:Use of foods produced by recombinant DNA techniques are limited.